Øra Mastering’s engineer is Karl Klaseie.

Karl has been in the recording industry for 10 years. Starting his musical career playing guitar, he later discovered the thrill of recording music. This lead him to take his Bachelor Degree in Music Technology at NTNU. In 2009, he established and became co-owner in Greener Productions where he recorded, produced and mixed many artists in Trondheim’s alternative rock and jazz-scene. In 2015, Karl joined Trondheim’s well acclaimed recording studio, Øra Studio.

Karl’s choice to pursue mastering started in 2014 when he was trained by Morten Stendahl in Redroom Studio. After a year working by Stendahl’s side, Redroom Studio closed their doors, and Karl started what would be known today as Øra Mastering. In addition to mastering, he also does frequent recording and mixing in Øra Studio.

Karl is a positive and thorough mastering engineer who loves to help musicians, producers, mixers and record labels achieve great sounding masters.